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60-Day Notification for Preparation of the 2020 Urban Water Management Plan 

The Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA) is in the process of preparing an updated Urban Water Management Plan, as required under the Urban Water Management Plan Act (Act).  The deadline for completing and adopting the final Urban Water Management Plan is July 1, 2021.

Water Code, Section 10621(b) of the Act requires CCWA to provide a 60 day advance notice regarding the preparation of its 2020 Urban Water Management Plan (Plan). This notice must be provided to any city or county that receives water from the Central Coast Water Authority. This letter constitutes CCWA’s 60 day notice.

When a draft Plan is available for public review, a copy will be posted on our website ( A copy of the draft Plan will also be available for review at our office in Buellton, California, once available to the public.  In addition, CCWA will hold a public workshops in late April or early May of this year and will make its draft Plan available to the public at least two weeks prior to the public workshops.  A notice of these public workshops will be issued in advance, as required.

The public hearing to consider adoption of the final Plan will be held in late May or June, 2021. The hearing will take place at the CCWA Board room, located at 255 Industrial Way, Buellton, CA 93427-9565 or may be held via RingCentral Zoom should COVID19 mitigation measures remain in place at that time.  A notice will be issued specifying the date, time and forum in advance of the hearing, as required. 

If you have any questions, please call our office at (805) 688-2292.