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Property Owners

Encroachment Permit Information

An Encroachment Application is required for anyone doing work in or on the Department of Water Resources (DWR) or Central Coast Water Authority (CCWA) Right of Way.

DWR guidelines for encroachment permits. If the project is near the State Water Project pipeline north of Vandenberg Air Force Base, use DWR's forms

If the project is near the State Water Project pipeline south of Vandenberg Air Force Base, complete the CCWA application package described below.

For a printable version of the application instructions, please click:

CCWA Encroachment Permit Instructions

When a "pothole" excavation is necessary, CCWA may issue a Temporary Permit strictly for use to determine the precise location of State Water facilities before the Encroachment Permit is approved.
Regarding the deposit, CCWA will return any unspent funds upon receipt of a letter noting completion of the project, along with final as built drawings.  If no such letter and drawings are submitted within 6 months of CCWA activity on the project, then the remainder of the deposit shall be forfeited to CCWA.

Fill out the appropriate permit application and provide the attachments listed below.
The CCWA permit package should include the following:

  1. CCWA Encroachment Permit Application
  2. Deposit ($400 for installation of one utility, and $100 for each additional utility, min. $200 for review of drawings if no utilities are installed.)
  3. Copy of Assessor's Parcel legal description
    (Available on Title or through County Recorder's Office)
  4. Name, address and phone number of Parcel Owner
  5. Contact for project: Name, address, and phone numbers of Contractors engaged in the project.
  6. 3 copies of project drawings (include profile showing clearances between existing utilities and new work)
  7. Evidence of environmental compliance (DFG Negative Declaration or Environmental Mitigation Plan)
  8. Certificate of Insurance: Parcel Owner performing new work -   1 million dollars General Liability coverage
  9. Contractor working in ROW - 1 million Commercial General Liability Insurance
    a. (CCWA must be added by endorsement as an additional insured

When complete, submit the above to the address listed below:

Central Coast Water Authority
Attn: Staff Engineer
255 Industrial Way
Buellton, CA 93427 

Within 2 weeks of receipt of an encroachment permit application, CCWA staff will contact you to let you know the status of the permit, and whether any further information is needed.

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