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Central Coast Water Authority Travel and Reimburseable Expenses


 Employees are allowed to travel by commercial aircraft whenever such travel expedites the conduct of official CCWA business.  CCWA employees shall travel by the least expenses class available.

Travel arrangements should be made well in advance of the planned travel date to receive the most favorable fares.  Assistance in making travel arrangements can be provided by the Administrative Assistant.

Travel by private automobile will be made in accordance with the Use of Personal Vehicles Policy (Section 4.10 of the Personnel Policy Manual) and will be reimbursed in accordance with current IRS guidelines for mileage reimbursement (contact Accounting for current rate).


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses which are necessarily incurred by employees while conducting business on behalf of the CCWA.

Reimbursable Activities         

There are numerous activities that may be undertaken by CCWA employees for which expenses may be incurred and for which a reimbursement may be made.  Included are the following:

            Meetings, Conferences, Seminars

            Attendance at meetings, conferences and seminars must relate directly to assigned or anticipated training needs of the employee or the career and professional development of the employee.  Approval of such requests must include the determination that attendance will be in the best interest of and benefit to the CCWA.

            Requests for the attendance at any meeting, conference or seminar must be justified and submitted to the Executive Director for approval prior to attendance.

            Business Activities

            Employees may incur expenses that are reimbursable while conducting business with parties from outside the organization.

            Community Relations Activities

            Employees may, with the approval of the Executive Director, represent the CCWA at functions sponsored by community organizations and may be reimbursed for expenses incurred if it is determined to be in the best interest of the CCWA.


            The reimbursement of expenses incurred by CCWA employees for activities other than described above may be made if the reimbursement is approved by the Executive Director.  Approval of the activity prior to incurring the expense is encouraged if possible.

Reimbursable Expenses

 The employee shall be reimbursed for all necessary expenses including transportation, mileage, lodging, and meals.  While the CCWA does not have stated per diem rates for lodging, employees should make every effort to acquire lodging facilities that are reasonably priced and within the ranges listed in the General Services Administration (GSA) per diem rates for California for the specific geographic area that they are traveling to, as stated on the GSA website (  All employees are encouraged to take advantage of government rates offered by hotels.  Employees may be required to show proof of employment in a government agency and should be prepared to present their CCWA Employee Identification Card.

Allowable meal expenses include food (including gratuity) and non-alcoholic beverages purchased and consumed while on official CCWA business, using the GSA Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) per diem rates as guidance as to reasonable cost.  If it is anticipated that the GSA per diem recommendations are insufficient for reasonable costs, the employee should obtain the advance approval of either the Executive Director or the Deputy Director before incurring costs.

The full cost of official program functions, except those that are solely for the entertainment and recreation of the employee, may be reimbursed.  All expenses must be clearly substantiated prior to reimbursement.  Unnecessary or exorbitant expenses will not be allowed.

Reasonable charges for vehicle parking, rental cars, local transportation, business telephone calls or any other necessary expenses while traveling on official CCWA business will be allowed.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

 No personal expenses, such as laundry, barbering, valet service, or personal telephone calls shall be reimbursed, although reasonable calls to family during out-of-town trips are reimbursable.  Fines for traffic violations, private auto repair, cocktails or liquor shall be considered non-reimbursable expenses.

Expenses incurred by a spouse or guest who accompanies an employee shall not be reimbursed.

An employee may stay with a friend or relative while attending an out-of-town meeting or conference on behalf of CCWA; however, the employee will not be reimbursed for any payment to the friend or relative for lodging.

Costs incurred while entertaining colleagues or business associates (as opposed to conducting business) shall not be reimbursed.

Cash Advance

For out-of-town meetings, seminars, etc., an employee may receive a cash advance after the expense has been approved by the Executive Director.  The actual cash advance will be available the day before departure.

Advance Registrations

 Items such as (but not limited to) meeting registrations, hotel reservations, and travel may be paid in advance of the authorized activity.  Requests for such payment should be made to the Accounting Technician (after Executive Director approval) well in advance of the scheduled event.

 Travel Authorization Request

 All anticipated travel must be approved by the Executive Director using the Travel Authorization Request Form (available from the Accounting Technician).

Travel Reimbursement Report

 All reimbursements will be made using a Mileage and Travel Reimbursement Report (available from the Accounting Technician) and should be submitted no later than 10 days after the authorized activity.

The Executive Director shall review and approve, based on these guidelines, all reimbursements of expenses incurred by employees for authorized CCWA activities reported on the Travel Reimbursement Report.  Supporting receipts and invoices, including those for prepaid expenses, must be attached to the reimbursement request as required by the Travel Reimbursement Report.

Travel Use of Petty Cash

Employees incurring incidental expenses (generally less than $10) may be reimbursed from Petty Cash with the submittal of a Petty Cash Reimbursement Form Report (available from the Accounting Technician) to the Executive Director or his designee.  Such expenses will not be incurred without prior authorization by the Executive Director.

Traveling with Spouse for Overnight Meetings, Conferences or Seminars

When an employee is authorized to attend a meeting, conference or seminar which requires overnight travel, upon request and with authorization, the employee may be accompanied by his/her spouse only if by doing so there will be no additional cost to CCWA, it will not interfere with the employee's professional activities and it is not inappropriate in the given situation.  The spouse may travel in a CCWA vehicle if there will be no additional cost to CCWA.  If having the spouse travel in a CCWA vehicle will require that an additional vehicle be taken, a personal vehicle must be utilized, no additional cost to CCWA may be incurred (e.g., mileage charges) and specific authorization is required.


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