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DWR Reserve Fund Policy

During its March 28, 2019 regular meeting, the Board of Directors approved a “DWR Reserve Fund Policy” as follows:

Purpose:           The DWR Reserve Fund is intended to provide a funding source for payments to the State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR) when there is a difference between estimates used to prepare the DWR portion of the annual CCWA budget and the actual amounts billed to the Authority by DWR. 

Contributions:  Contributions to the DWR Reserve Fund are voluntary.  Project Participants wanting to participate in the DWR Reserve Fund shall notify the Authority of such intent.  The Authority will in turn, notify the participating Project Participant of its “Target DWR Reserve Fund Amount” (Target Amount).  The Target Amount will be equal to the participating Project Participant’s proportional share of a $10 million allocation of DWR Transportation Minimum OMP&R charges as calculated in the most recent DWR Statement of Charges at the time the DWR Reserve Fund Policy is approved by the CCWA Board of Directors, and updated periodically.

Funding of each participating Project Participant’s share of the DWR Reserve Fund will come from a combination of (1) CCWA Operating Expense budget surpluses, if any (2) Interest earnings on funds held in all other accounts on behalf of the participating Project Participant and (3) excess amounts, if any, from any of the DWR Statement of Charges cost components. 

After the participating Project Participant’s share of the DWR Reserve Fund has been fully funded up to the participating Project Participant’s Target Amount, the credits, interest earnings and excess DWR amounts will be returned to the participating Project Participant as a credit against future bills from the Authority.

If the balance of the participating Project Participant’s DWR Reserve Fund falls below the Target Amount, the Authority will retain the credits listed above until the balance once again equals the Target Amount.

Withdrawal:      A participating Project Participant may withdraw from the DWR Reserve Fund by notifying the Authority in writing of its request to withdraw its funds on deposit in the DWR Reserve Fund.  Within 60 days, the Authority will either credit the funds on deposit against the participating Project Participant’s next invoice from the Authority, or at the request of the participating Project Participant, issue a check for the refund of the deposit amount.

Administration: The Treasurer shall invest funds held in the DWR Reserve Fund in liquid money market accounts (for example, LAIF) so that the funds shall be immediately available.  DWR Reserve Fund investment earnings shall be redeposited into the DWR Reserve Fund for each participating Project Participant up to the Target Amount. The Treasurer shall prepare and disseminate to all Contractors a quarterly statement concerning the DWR Reserve Fund.

Use of Fund:     Monies held in the DWR Reserve Fund may be used by the Authority to fund the difference between the estimates used for billing purposes to the participating Project Participants for the annual DWR Statement of Charges (all fixed cost components) and the actual Statement of Charges received from DWR.

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