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Internal Transfers

Internal Transfers are one-time transfers of water from one CCWA Participants to another. CCWA is not a signatory to any contract that may exist involving the internal transfer of water between the CCWA Participants. Therefore, the Seller/Provider needs to communicate the specifics of the transfer to CCWA. CCWA staff will take direction from the Seller/Provider to effect the transfer. However, CCWA staff cannot be assigned the role of confirming compliance with the water transfer agreement, such as confirming payment or other agreed upon condition of the transfer. The procedure for communicating and directing CCWA to effect a one-time internal transfer is as follows:

  • The Seller/Provider will complete the Internal Water Transfer Form. This form will require the signatures of both the Seller/Provider and Buyer/Receiver as well as provide the volume of water planned for transfer and the planned date of the transfer. All requests will need to be submitted to CCWA a reasonable amount of time before the desired date of transfer.
  • CCWA staff will verify that the Seller/Provider has the volume of water available to complete the transfer. The verification will be completed by at least two CCWA staff. One staff to process the request and a second staff for quality control review. 
  • CCWA staff will update the Delivery Status Report to reflect the transfer, complete CCWA’s portion of the Internal Transfer Form, and will return the completed Form to the Seller/Provider and Buyer/Receiver. This will serve as confirmation that the transfer was completed.
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