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Operations and Maintenance Reserve Fund Policy

During its December 18, 1997 regular meeting, the Board of Directors approved an “Operations and Maintenance Reserve Policy” as follows:

Purpose:           The O&M Reserve Fund is intended to provide a mechanism for the Authority to undertake immediately unanticipated operation and maintenance activities, including emergency repairs, for which funds are not otherwise immediately available.

Contributions:  Contributions to the O&M Reserve Fund are mandatory.  Each Authority Contractor shall maintain on deposit with Authority in said Fund an amount of money equal to its pro-rata share of the Fund target size of $2 million, which share is that Contractor’s Water Supply Agreement Project Allotment divided by the Project Allotments held by all Authority Contractors.  Each Contractor’s initial contribution to the O&M Reserve Fund shall be drawn from cash held by Authority on behalf of the Contractor as of the date of the Fund’s creation.  If the Fund balance is reduced below $2 million, Authority shall be authorized to (i) transfer into said Fund excess operating assessments and investment income from the Fund, and (ii) notify the participating Contractor if an additional contribution is necessary, in which event the contractor shall deposit an additional contribution within sixty-days (60) of the Authority notice.

Administration: The Treasurer shall invest funds held in the O&M Reserve Fund in liquid money market accounts (for example, LAIF) so that the funds shall be immediately available.  O&M Reserve Fund investment earnings shall be considered to credit each Authority Contractor with respect to that Contractor’s June 1 payment to Authority, except to the extent said earnings are needed to be retained to ensure that the Contractor’s share of the Fund is fully funded, or as otherwise directed by the Contractor.  The Treasurer shall prepare and disseminate to all Contractors a quarterly statement concerning the O&M Reserve Fund.

Use of Fund:     Monies held in the O&M Reserve Fund may be expended only upon authorization of the Board of Directors for unanticipated operating and maintenance activities, including by way of example only:  repair of earthquake-caused damage to Authority facilities; unanticipated need to purchase chemicals; major emergency repair or replacement of equipment; reserve for legal judgments.  In the event that monies from the O&M Reserve Fund are expended for an activity which is to be funded by certain Contractors and not other Contractors (for example, repair of a certain reach of the pipeline), then (i) it is permissible to expend from the Fund an amount which exceeds the monies on deposit by those Contractors who are obligated to fund the activity under the WSA, and (ii) said Contractors shall replenish said Fund as quickly as possible, and in no event later than one year, including payment of interest on monies expended which exceeded the amount on deposit by said Contractors. 

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